start your homebusiness for just 2 caffe lattes

2 Caffè Latte will give you a great homebusiness

This post is a short version of a longer post I did a few years ago. This post will tell you how you can get a full and complete homebusiness for just 2 caffé lattes.

Are you tired of what you are doing right now, or maybe you want to have a change in your career? I knwo I had that feeling a few years ago. Fed up at work, not happy with my income and just bored.

By chance I came across a guy on Instagram who seemed to do all things I wanted to do. Travelling the world, working from his laptop, making $2000-5000/month. I just had to know what he was up to.

2 caffé latte will give you a homebusiness

2 caffè latte will give you a great homebusiness

I sent Justin a dm (the guy from Instagram) and very soon I heard back from him. Everything he told me was music to my ears, everything that I was looking for. I was told that I could start fast and easy for just about what 2 Caffé Latte would cost me (depending on where you live). For some people, just one visit to McDonalds for a family will cover the costs to start.

  • Work from home or anywhere I like
  • Work just some hour per day (some days none)
  • Get freedom for my passions in life
  • Automated business
  • Residual income ( I get paid when the team gets paid)
  • Passive income (I sell a monthly subscription and get paid every month)

Justin explained everything for me and right at the beginning I had no idea what he was talking about. I needed landingpages, email provider, automation tools, sign up forms and much more.

I thought that this is too much work I can’t do this, where to start? Justin showed me a website and that site was my first touch with the online world. And it was not as hard as I thought it would be. The site told me what to do, like a class, and every class ended for me to do something. I couldn’t continue the classes unless I did the task they gave me.

So slowly and easy I started to learn all the lingo in the online business world

Homebusiness in a few easy steps

This is the basics, what you need in order to get you going.

  • Something to sell, something to offer
  • Sign up forms – a form for a newsletter or to get a good deal
  • Landingpages – a one page homepage with your offers
  • Email marketing platform – to automate your business

When you put the all together in the right way, magic can start happening for you.

Let me explain it here, step by step.

A product to sell
Well, if you want to make money you need a product or a service to offer. In this example I am going for one of my best programs, the Easy 1 Up.

Easy 1 Up works in two different ways. First of all it is a business to sell to others. It is loaded with trainings and info on how to be a great online success. As a paid member of Easy 1 Up you are authorized to be a reseller of their programs.

Benefits are:

  • 100% commissions on every sale you do.
  • Paid insantly to your account
  • Free lower plans when you buy a higher plan
    I got in on $500 plan and got the lower for free and they are
    $25, $100 and $250
  • No pass up on any sale lower than the one I have
    This means all sales I make of the lower plans I keep 100%
    My second sale of the level/plan I have is passed up to the person above me.
  • I get all second sales from all people below me in my team and 1 level down.

I love the simplicity of Easy 1 Up, look at the video here, it will explain this more easily


When I started I was promoting my business mostly on Instagram (see my main Instagram account here @travellikebj ) and in my profile was a link to my ´landingpage. When someone clicked my link and came to my landingpage they were asked to leave their e-mail address so I could send them the right info on how to earn working online.

If they added a faulty email address they would not get the info at all so people did give their e-mail address in order to learn. My landingpage was quite simple. It had a headline some text just to let visitors know what they were about to sign up to. And a e-mail form

e-mail form

The email for is important. Without it there were hardly any business to be done. The form might seem to be a little thing but believe me, the e-mail form is the thing that will give you the freedom you want, the sales you need and the team building you must do. All of that on automation.

Here is how it works:
I have the information people want to have, to learn how to make money online.
In order to get that info, I ask for their e-mail address so I can send them what they want.

At the very moment they fill out the form and click send, the system automatically sends out the first e-mail with the correct info they wanted. Also it triggers to start an automation series of e-mails to be sent out, once a day or once every other day explaining a step by step what to do or just giving out more information.

This automation is a big YES to have as you only need to set it up once and after that it works untill you shut it down.

At time I got more than 30 sign ups a day, imagine me writing and sending all the emails? It could come up to 300-500 a day as my training series had over 30 e-mails. Thanks god for automation!

The science behind all this also nows that it takes maybe 4-6 emails before people really start trusting me and then buys from me. So the automation is very important. You can test it yourself. click here to sign up to my automated series only about Easy 1 Up

Here are the tools you need to get today in order to start earning.

Easy 1 up – this is the main program you will be selling and use to train yourself.
Get your account now, it is free to get, decide later what level you want in on.

Moosend e-mail marketing – this is actually a great deal for you. You will get three in one from this tool. Moosend will give you landingpages, forms and automation. Just one stop shop!
Get it here >

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