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3 reasons to visit Stockholm

Are you planning to travel soon, haven’t decided where to go yet?

Have you ever thought about going to Stockholm, also known as the Capital of Scandinavia? The sun never sets (during summer), or hardly, and it is light and bright even if it is 11 PM.

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Get paid to travel and explore

Is it really possible to travel and explore the world and get paid doing so?

Yes it is, and this is not a paid hotel program or some kind of sponsring for people to stay at hotels in return to blog about it, this is by far more exciting and more profitable to.

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Get more followers to your Instagram account

Are you looking for a way to get more followers to your Instagram account? Want to have more people, liking the same as you do, to follow?

More followers in your niche, increases interactions on your account. You’ll get more likes and comments and that will generate more followers too.

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I got a GoPro

I always have wanted some kind of an action cam, just to bring along on my travels. So, ofcourse I got myself a GoPro Hero Black.

This little thing is just what I wanted, a small easy to use camera, that takes awesome pictures. After shooting my vids, I edit it in iMovies.

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Living in Sweden, all exotic places are very far away. Last year I took a trip around the world, going as far away as possible, from where I live.

We flew Stockholm to Bangkok to Sydney. Stayed in Sydney for a few days and then jumped on a cruise going to New Zeeland, Tahiti, Moorea, Bora-Bora, Hawaii.

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Bangkok, like coming home

My first visit to Thailands capital, Bangkok was in 2001. I had never been that far south east before as I have a crush on the Caribbean.

I remember de-plaining and the heat that hit me like a wall, in the bus to the hotel I was both amazed and terrified of the traffic.

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