Have you heard about attracting customers to your business?

If not, you might want to keep on reading. Attracting marketing is the “in” thin right now. It is the common way when marketing on social media like Instagram.

By posting pictures of a regular day, or a passion or hobby, others with the same interests are more likely to follow you or search for the same pics as you post and if you are using hashtags you can really target the right people. It is amazing what the right hashtag can do.

I am illustrating this post with a screenshot I made a few months ago. I was updating my sales link and had to close some Instagram feeds down for a good hour.

The response from some people where pretty cool!

Eager to join, eager to learn!

It felt great being the one people where chasing down instead of me looking for cold leads and trying to hustle away. That is the beauty of the attraction.

And what was he so eager to know more about?

Check it out here ==>