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Living in Sweden, all exotic places are very far away. Last year I took a trip around the world, going as far away as possible, from where I live.

We flew Stockholm to Bangkok to Sydney. Stayed in Sydney for a few days and then jumped on a cruise going to New Zeeland, Tahiti, Moorea, Bora-Bora, Hawaii.

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Bangkok, like coming home

My first visit to Thailands capital, Bangkok was in 2001. I had never been that far south east before as I have a crush on the Caribbean.

I remember de-plaining and the heat that hit me like a wall, in the bus to the hotel I was both amazed and terrified of the traffic.

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Travel with me online

I meet a lot of people dreaming of travelling but never get the chance to. The reasons can be many, lack of a passport (very common), lack of money, lack of time…

Some people have never been travelling in their own country, unless they are visiting relatives.

If you could go, where would you go? And what would you need to start travelling?

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Maldives in my dreams

When you think about Paradise, what do you see?

In my case it was the Maldives, all white sands, turquoise waters, single palm trees, water villas and luxury.

I can tell you, it is all that and more… If you want a luxury stay, where everybody knows your name, where the food is to die for and service is impeccable.

Then you must go to the Maldives

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