Get paid to travel and explore

Is it really possible to travel and explore the world and get paid doing so?

Yes it is, and this is not a paid hotel program or some kind of sponsring for people to stay at hotels in return to blog about it, this is by far more exciting and more profitable to.

Imagine yourself at a nice beach in St Kitts & Nevis. You are having a great day, laying on the beach, being sunkissed, taking a swim in the warm ocean, having a nice cocktail and getting a great BBQ for lunch.

Not hard to do, right? For me it is even easier as I have done it, and will continue to life my nomadic life.

The question here, how to get paid doing nothing?

I have been trained in “Attraction Marketing” for a while, like attract like!

Attraction marketing can be done in different ways, the thing is to get in to a community or group of people having the same interest. The fastest way to do this is to join Facebook groups or look for niches on Instagram and Pinterest.

It is like having a Smorgasbord with potential customers just waiting to buy from you…

What I am “selling” in my business are two things, firstly a “Lifestyle” and secondly “trainings”. Thoose trainings are meant to be used to sell to others. Using Attraction Marketing, people are drawn to you, you don’t need to chase anyone down.

No selling or telling to Friends & Family

What I love about being a Digital Entreprenur is that I work all over the world, my business is never shut down or have any opening hours. It runs 24/7 – 365.

The only one having somewhat of schedule, is me, I can only go for as many hours per day…

A lot of us are not comfortable selling to friends and family as we don’t want to hustle them. Digital marketing is way different from anyone selling producst like makeup, wight loss shakes etc…

As a digital entrepreneur you never have to get any stock items. The products are online or will be sent to the buyers email address. No need to take care och shipping and handling either. As soon as someone buys from me, I get 100% instant payments, and the customer gets the products.

All is done in just a few clicks.

Travel from your income

So I am doing this to keep the lifestyle I want, I make sales (On automation), get 100% commission, paid instantly to my account. All this is taking place while I am snorkeling or having a late dinner in Hong-Kong.

As I can make up to $2000 per sale, that money covers most of any travel I do right now.

Take a pic + post = $$$

I post on my Insta, letting people know what I am up to, I get followers daily from the Instagram Strategy, they follow and see my business offer.

It loops like this every day. And I am searching maps for new places to go to.

Have you made $1000 from posting on Instagram? Or just even $25?

Contact me if you want to learn!

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