Get your own online store

Get your own online store in a few hours

In just a few hours you could be a proud owner of your own online store. Yepp, it is all true. And one of the best things, it is all FREE too. Get your own online store now!

The good news doesn’t stop there. You can have your online store and you don’t have to do the hard work with payments, handlng & shipping, refunds, complaints and more… All you do is chash in on the sales. All for you.

The store is part of SFI – one of the oldest online companies out there, specializing in Affiliate and network marketing. You can see it here, and join here >
SFI has so many niches in their umbrella, you might like more the gaming part of it or the Team Building network?

The store from SFI is brilliant, it has more than 100.000 products on sale and more items are added as we speak. I like the electronics site, has many cool widgets.

Getting Traffic To your own online store

Once you have your store ready, and it will be ready as soon as you sign up for your free account, you can start making some nice commissions. The next thing you need to do is to get traffic to your site.

Traffic is your customers. If you don’t have people coming in to your store, you are most likely not making any sales. Traffic is important for your business.

There are many ways to get traffic to your site. Some good free ways and some good paid ways.

Free traffic is for example:
Posting on social media. This can be a very good way to get people in to your store.
Posting relevant posts can bring in people. If you are in a sports & gym group, you can market your store, and select products fitted to that niche.
A web site. Get your own blog and website and market through that site. ‘I use as my web hotel and it runs smooth and is one of the best priced out there, see here >
Join forums. This is a very good way to get traffic, but please read forum rules as many forums can be restricted in what you can post.

Paid traffic is for example:
– buying ads placements. You can buy ad places on other peoples sites
– buying traffic. this can be very successful, especially if you are looking to get people to sign up to your newsletter or see special offers that you run. One good and quite cheap ways is using it is both a url shortener and a marketing tool at the same time. I buy 1000 traffic for $1.

If you want to now more about the paid traffics you can use, send me an email to and I’ll help you

Send people to your store

In the backoffice of SFI you will get all the tools needed to start promoting. You can custom links to special parts of the store or you can create nice looking widgets for your store. Those widgets can be placed on your web site or in a newsletter. People see the ads and click on them to buy.

Everything you need for launching you’ll find it in SFI’s back office. They have hours of training courses for you to learn from. While earning (of course)

Having the store set up you must get your Newsletter provider too. This is for sure one of the most important things for you. List buildning. The golden secret to any business. Some people value each person on your email list to be worth somewhat between $10-100.

I am using Moosend for all my email marketing, one of the more reliable ssoftwares out there.
They make sure all emails are delivered and not falling in any spamboxes. (some can still do that)

Have a look for yourself. Super stylish and soo many good features to use. Great landingpages and formes too and easy to use. Go here and learn more >

So join in now in SFI to get your store ready, Click here >

Once your store is up and running, send med a message to and I’ll help you move forward.

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