CAisno Bonus

Just under $200 in three minutes

OK, I admit, I had to try it out, at least once. And wow, did I get surprised!
I have always been sceptic about online casinos and games, but a friend of mine talked about it and one day showed med what he played, still not very interested he added $10 to his account and started playing.

He did some winnings and lost at the en the $10 he had bettet.

Being home and bored I just said, ok, I am going to have a go at this too.

So adding just $10 to get my account going, I like the games that has like a extra hidden bonuses or free spins included, or the reel-games where multiple lines open up when you win.

Just 10 cent bet

I never knew one could play and win big and not having to bet BIG money. I just played my 10 cent or sometimes 50 cents and the reel games paid out.

In less than 5 minutes my $10 was up to $177 dollars!

I decided to withdraw the $167 and keept playing for the rest. I am still playing, for fun. Diamond Fiesta is one of my fave slots!

Check it out here and claim a bonus or Free Spins >

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