Travel restrictions due to Covid-19

Travel restrictions due to Covid-19

Are you planning to travel somewhere? Are you sure what travel restrictions apply to your destination?

Travel Restrictions for Covid-19

It is not as easy to travel the world today. Especially now with all the countries having different Covid-19 travel restrictions. These restrictions where changed daily when the outbreak started and updates were numeours.

IATA Travel Centre

Just to make it a bit more easy, IATA has a webpage with all the current restrictions and regulations.

This is an interactive map and when you click the country you want to visit all the information regarding this country will be displayed on the map.

Informaiton about travel restrictions

A lot of information

Please read the text very carefully, it is a lot of text to take in and the wording sometimes are hard to get. The information you will get is if there are countries banned to entry, what kind of documentation is needed and if you need to take Covid tests before travelling.

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