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I meet a lot of people dreaming of travelling but never get the chance to. The reasons can be many, lack of a passport (very common), lack of money, lack of time…

Some people have never been travelling in their own country, unless they are visiting relatives.

If you could go, where would you go? And what would you need to start travelling?

I did my first abroad trip when I was 6 years old, my parents had saved up for a long time to take me and my sister to Mallorca, Spain. A few years later we went to Crete, Greece.

I guess that was the starting point of my “restless” legs, or as my mum explained it “he is bitten by the travel bug”.

I have always been interested to see more and learn more, I had the privilige of working in both Egypt and in Cuba, two places I might never have visited, if not this opportunity came.

Exotic Places

I even did stay for a year in Barbados, as a Destinations Manager for a Scandinavian Travel Agency. That was my dream come true, and I have been back a few times since.

I have always been a sucker for the Caribbean, as my “normal world” is so different from the tropics, it has always been a dream of mine to visit.

These days I go at least once or twice a year, just because I can do it.

Earning from my travels

In 2015 I met this guy, living my Dream life, he was travelling all around the world, all the time, didn’t have a job, worked when he wanted and from wherever he wanted. I just had to learn more.

We had some emails going back and forth and after a while we did a chat where he told me about Network Marketing, back then we did belong to a different company, but the same ideas apply today too.

He showed me how a simple online system made him an income, just from posting on Instagram. Ofcourse I wanted to learn more about it…

Right products and right tools

So the idea is not that complicated, get the right products and it will fly off the shelves. In Network Marketing you get paid for any product you sell and most times a small profit from anyone signing up to your team.

That is what makes it so great, earning and getting residual income at the same time. And being able doing business from anywhere, just using my phone

Travel with me online

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