Why I can’t stop travelling

I started early, at the age of 7, when my parents took me to Spain. It was my first flight, my second time at a hotel and I had never ever before experienced that heat and “atmosphere”.

I knew already then, this is what I want to do for the rest of my life

When I was younger, the travells were more about getting away to party and meet people. I couldn’t care more about the hotel, how far it was from the beach or if there were any restaurants at the hotel.

We would manage anyway, we could walk, no problem at all!

But it was much later in life, when I discovered that people are actually living in this places I am vacationing in, that I got more interested to learn about the places I visited.

Eat and drink

Before, it didn’t really matter what we had for dinner, it could be a pizza in Greece or a burger in Spain. Beer is a beer wherever in the world you are…

Or maybe not?

The beauty now to see the world, is to actually learn something. See the people, smell the different smells, try new food, local stuff and respect different people and their cultures.

Being in Japan is very different from Sweden. That is my reason to never stop travelling, to learn more, get experienced and be educated.

I have been to many places but still there are continents I don’t know that much about. Like central and South America. On my bucketlist for sure.

What’s on your list?

Comment below!

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