The Grenadines

The Grenadines, a piece of Caribbean paradise

This wonderful archipelago consists of about 30 larger paradise islands. Mustique, Bequia, Tobago Quays are other famous neighboring islands. Welcome to discover the Grenadines, a piece of Caribbean paradise.

Getting to the Grenadines may not be the easiest thing to do. You can either fly to Barbados for onward transport to Union Island which has the archipelago airport, or from Europe get to St Vincent and from there on to these beautiful islands. There are many who say that this is the genuine Caribbean, wonderful turquoise waters, palm trees and chalk white beaches.

The small airport on Union Island is more or less a barrack that serves as The small airport on Union Island is more or less a barrack that serves as an arrival hall and departure hall. From the airport it is not far to go to get down to the port where sailboats, catamarans and transport ferries dock. It is common to come here during the day, you land in the morning and sail away on a sailboat or catamaran. We have tried both variants and those who are looking for peace and quiet, a little more flair, should choose a smaller sailboat. These take a maximum of 5-6 people at a time.

The Grenadines, a piece of Caribbean paradise 1

The grenadines feel untouched

After a short sailing, you arrive at Palm Island. During the trip there you usually get breakfast and cold drinks. The water around this island is amazing! You have to look for clearer water and it also has a wonderful turquoise / blue color. Palm Island also has a hotel, if after the day you might want to holiday in the area for a longer period of time.

If you choose to go on a catamaran, there are many more guests on board, there is a bar, toilets, sun nets to lie on and some nice music in the speakers. There are many who also rent private boats and sail around the archipelago themselves. There are many islands to choose from. What is unique about the islands in the Grenadines is that there are also those that are really small, 15 meters in diameter and have one or two palm trees growing on them.

The Grenadines, a piece of Caribbean paradise 2

During the day you make stops on small islands, dock at coral reefs for snorkeling and swimming. Then good lunch is served. On the catamaran trip, a delicious buffet is usually served with a lot of good dishes to choose from. On the smaller sailboats, there is plate serving instead. All boats serve alcohol for those who wish.

It is a day you will remember for a long time, this archipelago is amazing and the water warm and wonderful. Everything is calm and peaceful, warm winds blowing during the voyage and beautiful views wherever you go.

It can also be terribly exciting when you have to leave Union Island, if you are not going to stay. The airport has no lighting on the runway, which means that you have to take off before the sun goes down (at least during our visits) and if it is a delay from a nearby island, it can be nervous to have time to take off.

This is just part of the beautiful Caribbean, there are so many great places to visit. It is fun to travel around among these islands, because you recognize yourself even if you are in different places. The houses are reminiscent of each other, nature is the same. What can differentiate them is whether it is a volcanic island or a coral island. Coral islands, like Barbados, are usually low and flat. There are no high mountains or the like here.

This is my Paradise on earth.


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